Logs to Lumber

Logs to Lumber is a small operation and we pride ourselves with customer satisfaction. Whatever your lumber needs we will meet or exceed your expectations.

Extricrib Kit


High Quality Cribbing, Step Chocks and Wedges. Cut, built and assembled perfectly to order every time. Every fire department needs these to save time, money and sometimes lives.

Saw Mill Services

Saw Mill Services

We specialize in turning timber into usable products for our clients. Whatever your saw mill needs in Upstate New York, we can handle it.

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Stock Lumber

Stock lumber

We have locally grown and kiln dried lumber stocked. Maple, Cherry, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak and Pine are normally as well as other species. View Stock


Lifetime of Experience

With decades of expertise in the saw milling business and a family owned and operated mill you can rest assured your timber is in great hands.

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Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Sheds, live edge mantels and bar tops, sawdust and slab wood are available. As well as our custom cribbing and extrication kits called ExtriCrib. View Products


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Band sawn from Maple then kiln dried to prevent molding when placed in your compartments. Ends are painted for quick identification. Handles are fastened with stainless steel hardware into recessed pockets to allow for uniform stacking in your rig.

 Step Chocks

Available in three designs or we will custom build to you specifications. The step chocks are bolted completely through for integrity. All step chocks come with a nylon rope handle that is built into the step chocks.


Sawn from 4x4 select materials only. Handles for wedges are by request only


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We can accommodate almost any saw milling services needed in Upstate New York.