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The Story of Logs 2 Lumber

Mike spent the first 23 years of his career as a machinist. He started out sweeping floors and emptying trash cans and worked up to operating $400,000 computer controlled machine tools and a group leader position. During his time working nights at the shop, Mike was spending the days cutting firewood, raising a family and being outdoors as much as possible.

In 1997, Mike partnered with a colleague from the machine shop to form Logs to Lumber. They both quit their ‘day jobs’, as both worked nights. On April 1st 1999 they went full-time into the sawmill business. They found out April Fool’s Day is not the best day to leave a job as everyone including their supervisor did not believe them.

Mike believes that you may have to walk a certain path to get to a corner before you can look around and see what lies ahead. Time in fire service was what laid ahead for Mike. When Mike was younger, his father served the local community as a volunteer firefighter, which inspired him to get involved. There was always a tremendous need for volunteers, especially during normal daytime working hours. Being his own boss, Mike had evenings available for fire training and days available to answer calls of the local Fire Department. Mike feels he is also answering the call of his Christian faith to selflessly help neighbors and volunteering fit that perfectly.

When his local fire department purchased a new truck a few years ago, the Captain in charge of preparing in for service didn’t want to use the old, mismatched cribbing and blocking from the old vehicle. The Captain brought the rescue truck to the Logs to Lumber sawmill and asked Mike to help him fill it with durable, easy to use new cribbing and blocking. Using uniform-sized hardwood 4x4’s they quickly filled the truck with new equipment. Since the first call to create cribbing for his own fire department, Mike has continued to create cribbing and blocking for their use. His experience has taught him the best cribbing and blocking is of uniform length, and handles that facilitate quickly moving them from truck to usage. Mike knows that, like his, many departments are working with limited manpower and every action has to count, especially in emergency situations.

Today, Logs To Lumber continues to operate as a small family owned business by Mike and his wife, Christy. They have remained small so they can continue to be able to provide products that can be completely custom designs. They are located in Central New York, nested in the heart of some of the best Maple trees in the world. They understand the needs of fire service and can be as flexible with your order as they need to be. Check out the products that can quickly fill your vehicles with the equipment needed for reliable, fast emergency service.

building Logs 2 Lumber
Building Logs 2 Lumber
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