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Logs to Lumber offers hardwood cribbing, wedges and step chocks for the Emergency Rescue Service.


Our extrication cribbing comes in pre-assembled kits as well as individual pieces.We ship direct from Upstate NY to surrounding areas.

Extrication Cribbing Kits For Emergency Response Teams

ExtriCrib Kits

The easiest and most convenient way of ordering our ExtriCrib products is to pick one of our pre-assembled kits. Pick one of our three conveniently priced kits for your fire department or any emergency rescue service.

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Don’t Need a¬†Full¬†Extrication Kit? Order What You Need.

ExtriCrib Cribbing


Band sawn from Maple then kiln dried to prevent molding when placed in your compartments. Ends are painted for quick identification. Handles are fastened with stainless steel hardware into recessed pockets to allow for uniform stacking in your rig.

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ExtriCrib Step Chocks

Step Chocks

Available in three designs or we will custom build to you specifications. The step chocks are bolted completely through for integrity. All step chocks come with a nylon rope handle that is built into the step chocks.
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ExtriCrib Wedges


Sawn from 4×4 select materials only. Handles for wedges are by request only.
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Your emergency response team needs a helping hand. Make ExtriCrib your number one choice for support.